University of Malta researcher joins panel at MSCA conference

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University of Malta researcher Dr Matthew Agius was one of the guest speakers at the conference “MSCA Fostering Balanced Mobility Flows in Europe” held between the 15-16 November 2021. The meeting focused on the reintegration of researchers across Europe. The unbalanced mobility flows of researchers represent a major challenge for the European Union and its member states and contributes to the research and innovation divide within the EU. 

Agius argued that one key component for researchers is to return to their home country is the opportunity to do research there. This can only happen if the respective countries invest strongly in Research and Development. The EU should set a policy for governments to at least spend 2% of their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) on R&D. Another matter is that MSCA widening countries sometimes struggle to match wages offered to researchers following such fellowships.

Agius recommended that National Contact Points (NCPs), which are the main structure to provide guidance, practical information and assistance to EU funding, too can play a crucial role in the return flow of researchers by maintaining communication with the researchers on newly available funding opportunities in the home country.