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Entry Conditions and Visa


Entry and residence in Malta depends on a number of factors that one is to take into account, so it is advised that anyone wishing to visit or stay in Malta, looks into the various types of VISA and requirements.

Individuals from an EU country and countries that are part of the Schengen Agreement wishing to visit Malta for stays of up to three months do NOT require a Visa but must register with the local authorities after this period.

Third country nationals who wish to enter Malta and reside in Malta are able to do so under the following circumstances:

1.  Posses a valid Schengen visa, National visa or is a Third Country National entitled to a visa free regime

2.  Granted Resident Permit by another European Union Member State

3.  Granted a Resident Permit by Malta for a specific purpose

​The Central Visa Unit (CVU) is responsible for:

  • The monitoring of the visa process
  • Ensures that the application of the ‘Common Consular Instructions on Visas’ is properly applied in all of Malta’s diplomatic missions and consular posts
  • Consultation/s with central authorities of other Schengen Member States through the Schengen consultation network - VISION
  • The training of Malta’s Consular Staff
  • The preparation of Training Manuals for MFA Consular Staff

As Malta’s central authority, the CVU is equipped to forward and process visa requests rapidly, via the Visa Management System, which together with the networking facilitation between all of Malta’s diplomatic missions and consular posts, plays a vital role in the acceleration of application and authorisation procedures.

SUBSIDIARY LEGISLATION 217.04 Immigration Regulations

L.N. 81 of 2011 Immigration Act


List of third-countries whose nationals seek to enter Malta, are obliged to apply for a visa. More info can be found here.

In those countries where Malta is served by a Visa Application Centre, applications are to be submitted through these centres.

Where Malta has no diplomatic mission or consular post, third-country nationals are obliged to apply for a visa at the EU diplomatic missions and consular posts, who issue visas in representation of Malta.

Full list can be seen here.