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Are you thinking of moving to Malta? Numerous residents are attracted to the tiny island state every year. These include freelance professionals who can work remotely as well as retirees from Northern Europe, with a good number of them from the UK. The attraction lies in the relatively relaxed way of living, affordable cost of living, as well as the country’s historical links to Britain.

Within this section you will find all you need to know about moving to this island steeped in history, surrounded by the deep, blue Mediterranean Sea and where the sun shines for the majority of days throughout the year.


Posted workers, that is, workers who are usually based in another country (EEA/Switzerland) and who have an employment relationship with an employer in that country, but who are being ‘posted’ for a stipulated period to Malta, do not need an employment licence. Although no employment licence is necessary, the firm in Malta to which the employee will be posted must notify the Department of Industrial and Employment Relations of this posting, within twenty-four hours of commencement of work. You may contact the Department or see the contact details from here.


Employment licences are not issued in respect of workers who will not normally or habitually be carrying out work in Malta. Employers wishing to employ a worker to carry out work primarily in another country need not apply for an employment licence. At present, for the purpose of employment licence considerations, ‘normally and habitually working and residing in Malta’ means, half the requested duration of the licence. Employment licences are not issued in the case of foreign national non-resident and non-executive directors (that is, directors who do not ordinarily reside in Malta, who do not have an employment relationship with the company and who may be in receipt of a director’s remuneration but not in receipt of a salary).


In the case of European Union, European Economic Area and Swiss citizens and their family members, who are third country nationals, the process shall not apply in their respect in view of their right to work.

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