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Retirement schemes have become an important element of investment planning and Malta provides the ideal solution for the setup of international pension pooling vehicles for high-net-worth individuals, international workers planning for retirement or international corporations seeking to establish and administer pension schemes for their staff.

The creation of international pensions plans in Malta became a possibility fairly recently, as pension provision has traditionally been considered from a purely domestic perspective; however, the increasing mobility of both people and companies has facilitated this paradigm shift.


  • Benefits of Pensions and Retirement Schemes in Malta:
    • Retirement schemes and their administrators are licensed and fully regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA).
    • Thanks to Malta’s EU membership, companies established in other EU member states can sponsor occupational schemes established in Malta.
    • Fees for the administration and management of the scheme are comparatively lower than in other jurisdictions.
    • A strong regulatory framework and the MFSA ensure the integrity of the plan and peace of mind for the scheme’s members.
    • Legislation allows for a number of customised structures that suit the requirements of individuals or international businesses.
    • Malta satisfies the current HMRC requirements, enabling Malta retirement schemes to self-certify in terms of the UK’s QROPS legalisation.

Pensions Information

Here you can find all thay you may need to know with regards to pensions in Malta.

  • Contributory Retirement Pension
  • Contributory Invalidity Pension
  • Contributory Widows Pension
  • Non Contributory Age Pension
  • Non Contributory Blind Pension
  • Non Contributory Carer's Pension
  • Non Contributory Disability Pension
  • Senior Citizens Grant
  • Deficiency Contribution Bonus

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