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Childcare, Schooling and Family


If you are intersted in moving to Malta with your family, be it for a short or long period, you can rest your mind with regards to finding the right child care and schooling system for your children. From here you can find out about all the information and the benefits that you may be entitled to when it comes to family matters:

The Free Childcare Scheme is a system whereby Government provides free childcare services to parents/guardians who work or are pursuing their education. The childcare service is either provided directly through government services or alternatively through Registered Childcare Centres. The age group for this scheme is for children from 3 months up to 3 years of age. 

  • Who is eligible?

Children's whose parents are either both employed or in education can benefit from the free childcare system.


  • Are these Childcare Centres licensed?

Yes, all the Centres listed online are licensed and monitored by the Department of Social Welfare Standards within the Ministry for the Family and Social Solidarity. Refer to the National Standards of Child Day Care Facilities.


  • Where are the childcare centres eligible for the scheme located?

An updated list of eligible childcare centres can be found on the education website. For further information please call 2598 2222.


  • How do Centres decide who gets accepted or not?

It is at the discretion of each registered Childcare Centre to accept or reject an application. The first step is to approach the Centre of your choice - the Centre will then inform you whether they can enrol your child into the Centre or otherwise. In case of refusal, you will have to opt for an alternative Centre.


  • How do I apply for the Free Childcare Scheme?

Application forms can be downloaded from the official website: or collected from your preferred Childcare Centre. Once the application is complete - along with all the requested documentation - you are to present it to your preferred Childcare Centre which will then pass it on to the Education Department. Any missing or incomplete information in the application will result in delays in application processing.


  • When should I apply?

The application should be received by the Education Department at least one month before the date of commencement of service. Any delays will result in your child being eligible for the Free Childcare Scheme at a later stage.