Grant Opportunity to attend the SciCulture Intensive Course 2021 in Malta

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The Univeristy of Malta will be hosting the SciCulture Intensive Course between the 8 to 12 November 2021.

The SciCulture project, funded by Erasmus+ embraces the unknown by bringing together science, art and entrepreneurship. As a SciCulture participant on this 5-day Intensive Course, you will become part of an Alumni network of best practice in this field. The network organises events and activities to engage a variety of professionals within the three sectors we explore, as well as those in the education sphere.

Grants are open to all staff and students linked to institutional partners to join a science, arts, and entrepreneurship intensive course, between 8 November–12 November 2021 in Malta. The course brings together participants with diverse backgrounds to address community issues through a design thinking process. This course will allow participants to work with 12 experts from around Europe and a chance to share and grow their own ideas, and to collaborate with a group of people with wildly different backgrounds and outlooks—a unique opportunity. See www.sciculture.eu for more information.