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Open Position for a Marie Curie Individual Fellowship in the field of cathode materials for Li-S/Li-Se batteries (Spain) INCAR-CSIC

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The Group of Porous Functional Materials at INCAR-CSIC (www.incar.csic.es/porosos) is interested in hosting a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship, under the supervision of Dr. Marta Sevilla (ORCID ID: 0000-0002-2471-2403).

Description of the center

Instituto Nacional del Carbón (INCAR-CSIC) is one of the 123 institutes of CSIC, ascribed to the area of Chemical Science and Technology. Current research interests encompass the development of nanostructured materials, whose structural, textural, electrochemical and catalytic properties are investigated for novel applications, going from energy conversion and storage to water remediation.

Description of the group

The Group of Porous Functional Materials at INCAR-CSIC (www.incar.csic.es/porosos) has a widely recognized experience on research activities related to exploring carbon precursors (with special emphasis on/aiming at sustainability) and developing advanced carbon-based nanostructured materials for their use in high-tech applications. Our current research interests focus on the design and synthesis of nanoporous carbon/graphene materials as functional solids for their use as catalysts/electrocatalysts, adsorbents and electrodes in supercapacitors and Li-ion batteries. Part of the know-how acquired by the group in the last few years in relation to porous carbon synthesis and use as electrodes in supercapacitors and batteries is now being transferred to companies within the Energy field (under an H2020 project and research contracts).


Project: cathode materials for Li-S/Li-Se batteries.  The project will tackle the confinement of S/Se in the porous structure of carbon materials in order to alleviate the problems encountered by these types of batteries. Tuning of the pore structure will be investigated in order to allow maximum loading of S/Se without compromising the electrochemical performance of the material. The synthesis of those materials will be carried out following sustainable and environmentally sound approaches.



- Doctorate in Materials Science or related.

- Experience in electrochemistry


The deadline to apply to the MSCA IF 2017 call is 12th September 2018. Information on how to apply for application to Marie Curie Individual Fellowship can be found at European Commission Participant Portal.


How to apply

For the internal selection of the candidate, please send your CV, at least one letter of recommendation and a cover letter to martasev@incar.csic.es before 30th June 2017.

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